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DigestA+Lean Protein

Get Rid of the Bloated Beer Belly to Show off Your Abs

Dr. Serrano Video Explains Why research driven GCX10 Attacks visceral fat while improving Peak Power and Definition

The 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis and GCX10 Strategic Fat Burning, Recovery and Performance Advantage Video with Dr. Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Scott I am losing fat at a good rate, but I still look like I have a beer belly making me look fatter than I actually am. What is causing this look and how to I get rid of it? Troy Nashville

Troy a buildup of visceral fat packed between the organs which is very stubborn as well as dangerous is causing the protruding or beer belly look that is making you look fatter. High levels of visceral fat are associated with insulin resistance, elevated estrogen and other factors which increase body fat and sluggishness. The longer these hormonal trends are in place, the harder they can be to reverse so trainees should attack this problem right away!

A combination of elements can support burning visceral fat including frequent intense training and using a low carbohydrate diet to keep insulin levels in check. You must avoid Trans Fats, corn/soy bean oil, sugar and refined foods. Alpha Omega M3 is designed to cleanse fat cells to force out these bad materials that you have consumed in the past while optimizing insulin sensitivity. Both key factors to reducing belly fat long term so you can show off a great set of ABS!

Belly Fat Burning Published Research

A Ground Breaking 8 week study published in the British Journal of Medicine during 2010 demonstrated that daily intake of Lactoferrin produced a significant decrease in visceral fat and total body fat. The group using Lactoferrin lost an average of 1.79 inches of body fat from their waist while the control group lost only .35 inches over the same time period. (1) The
GCX10   proprietary ingredient blend includes more Lactoferrin in 4 capsules than what was used in the study to accelerate client belly fat burning!

Break into the 20/20 club by burning another 10 pounds of Fat and gaining 10 pounds of muscle in the next 12 weeks with 50 Caliber Training and GCX10.

Scott I have joined the 10/10 club by gaining 10 pounds off muscle and losing 10 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks with your customized training and nutrition plans. With summer approaching what is next to help me break into the 20/20 club? Michael L DC

Michael now that we have a firm base in place we can use more aggressive training and nutrition tactics to get you Leaner and Meaner by summer. After reviewing your training records I can see that following week 3 you did not increase loads as frequently which indicates the training stimuli became stale to a degree.


GCX10 Attacks Stubborn Belly Fat While Potentially Doubling the Rates of Strength Gains and Muscle Growth.

The research group using Lactoferrin lost an average of 1.79 inches of body fat from their waist while the control group lost only .35 inches over the same 8 week Research Trial. (1)


During weeks 3 and 6 of the next 6 week training routine we will implement 50 Caliber Training to send fat burning and muscle growth into overdrive.

50 Caliber Training cannot be used every week due to the level of difficulty and stress placed on the muscles and nervous system, however used correctly in conjunction with the right nutrition changes it is a powerful Physique transformation weapon.

See more customized consultation program success stories here!

During weeks 1,2,4 and 5 You will use the same exercises, but different set, rep, tempo and rest schemes to set the stage for the 50 Caliber training during weeks 3 and 6. The consistency of the exercise movements helps to build the necessary continuity to maximize performance.


Advanced Trainees Must Change Training Factors Frequently

We will make strategic changes to the nutrition plan during weeks 3 and 6 to take full advantage of the metabolic and hormonal conditions created by the 50 Caliber sessions. Advanced trainees must make strategic changes to the diet frequently to avoid plateaus and reach their full potential. Macronutrient cycling strategies never cease to produce amazing rates of fat loss and muscle growth.

A Strategic Shock to the System That Doubles the Rate of Fat Burning and Muscle Growth

You will do 50 reps of each exercise listed in a super set fashion to help minimize rest between sets, which in turn increases Growth Hormone Dramatically while stimulating a ton of muscle fibers for rapid growth. The rest between sets should be no more than 20 seconds which gives you just enough time to sip 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder while grabbing the DBS needed for the next set. While you are pressing for example your back muscles are resting and vice versa.

Maximize the Anabolic Response from Training

The short rest periods are necessary to keep the training sessions under an hour which helps to maximize the anabolic hormonal response from training and prevent over training. Inadequate rest periods and the high volume of reps will increase muscle blood flow dramatically. Dr. Serrano’s 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder proprietary blends of ingredients are absolutely crucial to accelerate nervous system and muscle recovery between sets while laying the raw material foundation for rapid muscle growth, recovery and fat loss. Trainees simply cannot execute the 50 Caliber sessions to the best of their ability or optimally benefit without the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis sipped before, during and immediately after the workout.

Double Rates of Muscle Growth and Strength Levels with GCX10

We highly recommend the New GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer 30 minutes before the training sessions to potentially double your rate of muscle growth and strength while combating fatigue during highly intense training phases. Dr. Serrano used multiple published studies and his own extensive patient research to assemble the exclusive blend of Lactoferrin, ATP and Glycine to change the Iron Game once again with GCX10.

GCX10 contains an even higher amount of ATP used in a 2013 published research study which demonstrated doubling strength increases of the 1 rep max of the squat and dead lift over 12 weeks vs. the control group. (2) The participants using ATP also gained nearly twice the amount of lean muscle tissue over the 12 week study while showing fewer signs of fatigued during higher volume training phases.

You will start with the heaviest load possible that you can execute properly for 8 reps and do as many sets as needed in Giant set fashion to hit 50 quality reps of each exercise. This means do a set of A1, rest 20 seconds, Set of A2, rest 20 seconds, Set of A3, rest 20 seconds, Set of A4, rest 20 seconds and repeat the sequence as many times needed.

Challenging loads are crucial to stimulate a wide cross section of muscle fibers with the greatest potential for growth. On average it will take clients 8 sets to hit 50 reps and training with a partner for a reliable spot is helpful. During the later sets you may only be able to earn 4 or 5 reps per set which is to be expected. Your performance should be better during week 6 than week 3 if you keep your head and your heart in the game! Advanced clients may change the order of the exercises during week 6 to keep stimuli fresh.

Bullet Proof Your Chest and Back with 50 Caliber Training and Burn Fat FAST- Just in Time for Summer

A1. 30° Incline DB Press
A2. Neutral Grip Pull up
A3. Flat DB Semi Neutral Press
A4. Chest Supported 30° UH Row


Fire Up the Strength of Your Fat Cellular Network To Burn Stubborn Fat Forever

I am pretty lean already, but need to burn stubborn fat covering up my abs, love handles and thighs within 60 days before a 2 week vacation and photo shoot. What do I need to do to drop this body fat fast and keep it off for good?

You need to recalibrate your fat cellular network to send powerful fat burning signals 24x7 and optimize the hormonal environment which in combination governs fat loss. We all have billions of fat cells which define the size of our fat storage capacity and some of us through bad food choice consumption and genetic traits have a much larger fat storage capacity than others. A review of your nutrition journal revealed a lot of problems and to say the least your cell network strength is very weak right now, allowing for great improvements.

Customized Radical Fat Loss Plans to Burn 15 pounds of Fat in 30 days

A customized radical nutrition and training plan for 60 days does the job every time. How aggressive of an approach we can take always depends on the client’s ability to execute programs effectively while keeping energy levels high. Eliminating hunger and cravings for bad food choices through proper program design and refinements are keys to rapid fat loss success.

Dietary Fat Loading Tactics for Rapid Fat Burning and Fat Cell Cleansing

Effectively burning stubborn body fat and keeping it off for good goes far beyond the overly simple calories in vs. calories expended equation. Dietary fat loading 1-2 times per week sends fat burning enzymes through the roof while preventing metabolic plateaus and elevating fat burning hormone levels.

Consuming grass fed beef at every meal for example provides a huge mental and physical energy boost as well. A nutrition plan based on “clean” eating alone is not enough to earn a low body fat level. A clear strategy changing every 6-12 weeks must be put into place to force the body into burning more stored fat as fuel while optimizing fat burning hormones. When is the last time you made strategic improvements to your nutrition plan?

“Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night Time formulas positively impact fat cells by attacking all the sources of body fat accumulation including hormones, nutritional, genetic and chemical by providing nutrients and co factors to induce thermogenesis.“ Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Your Prior Food Intake is Slowing Down Future Fat Loss

Consumption of Junk food and packaged goods including many low fat foods containing Trans fats screw up fat cell function making it much more difficult to burn fat as fuel. Fried foods and corn oil increase the number of fat cells and make them larger which increases fat storage capacity.

Cleanse Fat Cells ASAP to Kick Start Rapid Fat Burning

6 Alpha Omega M3 per day cleanses fat cells by forcing cells to purge out larger garbage and take in Dr. Serrano’s proprietary blend of essential fats which helps to collectively reduce the size of body fat deposits. Our clients take 6 Alpha Omega M3 during their cheat meals to interfere with bad materials from being absorbed into fat cells allowing fat loss to continue at a rapid fat during the following days.

99% of essential fatty acid products are designed for general purposes while Dr. Serrano Built the Alpha Omega M3 specifically to support rapid fat burning based on years of successful patient research. The proprietary blends of ingredients are unmatched for effectiveness and purity.

GCX10 is an advanced weapon designed to attack extremely stubborn and visceral fat without the use of stimulants. Research shows that key GCX10 ingredient Lactoferrin interferes with the accumulation of fat in cells, prevents the formation of new fat cells and increases the utilization of stored fat to be burned as fuel.

GCX10 which includes a proprietary ratio of Lactoferrin, Glycine and ATP that should be taken pre training to increase peak power and power endurance- leading to double the rate of muscle growth based on published ATP research studies. (2)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GCX10 Highly Effective for Professional Athletes?

GCX10 enables the Body to Focus More Attention on Improving Body Comp and Performance!

It is not easy being on the road, changing time zones, being away from family, dealing with the media, playing or practicing every day for hours on end and encountering the stressors of everyday life without feeling run down or sick. All of these physical and mental factors increase stress hormones and compromise immunity.

Lactoferrin is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful immunity boosting agents which is prominent in breast milk. Glycine lowers cortisol and aids in muscle repair which in combination with ATP and Lactoferrin makes GCX10 a powerful recovery agent. The higher your immunity levels- the more attention the body can focus on burning fat, building muscle and improving performance.

Does GCX10 work well for Women?

Yes it does to accelerate stubborn fat burning and improve athletic as well as training performance. Women cannot gain muscle as easily as men due to significant genetic and hormonal differences so a result the muscle building benefits of GCX10 will not result in accidental muscle accumulation. Women who want to increase lean muscle tissue must train and eat in a specific fashion to achieve muscle growth goals.

Will the GCX10 cause Jitters?

No- The GCX10 contains no stimulants and can have a calming effect to improve mental focus.


Scientific References

(1) Potent anti-obesity effect of enteric-coated lactoferrin: decrease in visceral fat accumulation in Japanese men and women with abdominal obesity after 8-week administration of enteric-coated lactoferrin tablets. British Journal of Nutrition. 2010 Dec;104(11):1688-95. E publication  2010 Aug 9.

(2) Effects of oral Adenosine-5'- triphosphate (ATP) supplementation on athlete performance, skeletal muscle hypertrophy and recovery in resistance trained men.  Nutrition & Metabolism 2013

GCX10 Ingredients- Scientifically Engineered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 2 Capsules


Proprietary Blend                             985 mg

L Glycine

Adenosine-5'- Triphosphate (ATP)



Suggested Use:

Men 4 Capsules and Women 2 Capsules 30 minutes before training or competition

For Faster Rates of Progress repeat Suggested Use  on non-training days.

Other Ingredients

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin Capsules (gelatin and water)

60 Capsules per bottle

Stimulant Free

Product Contains Milk- Technically Lactoferrin is a dairy ingredient

Made in the USA

GCX10 has been tested and is certified to NOT contain banned substances to ensure our amateur and professional athlete clientele that they can safely use the GCX10 to support the success of their careers.  


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