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In six weeks I've lost 11 pounds, over 4% of my body fat

Exercising and training hard has always been a part of my lifestyle. But with the customized nutritional consultation plan and supplements (100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10) from infinity fitness I have seen better results and faster progress than ever before. In six weeks I've lost 11 pounds, over 4% of my body fat, and have seen drastic improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall performance in the gym. As I continue to set new fitness goals, I will definitely keep using infinity fitness to reach them.

- Jason T 06/25/2014

Jason T
Jason T


Scott Mendelson with Infinity Fitness has given me that impetus...

I have had personal trainers in the past. Unfortunately, my last trainer moved out of the area. Since I live in a rural area, there has been no suitable replacement. I felt that my workouts haven't been optimal. I really needed a push! Scott Mendelson with Infinity Fitness has given me that impetus. The workouts that he has given me are intense and challenging. I am doing more work in less time. I used to spend hours at the gym. Now I am there for an hour or less.

I never really took supplements before. (It was hard for me to find products that I could digest. It seems like all of the protein shakes have whey. My body can't digest whey.) Muscle Synthesis Powder, and 100% MR do not have any whey! It is great to take something that doesn't upset my system. I also take GCX10, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce Day Formula and Fat Reduce Night Formula. I feel like these supplements have helped tremendously with reducing body fat.

I have always disliked the "pink" weight stigma that women receive in the gym. I like to be strong and able to complete pull-ups and push-ups. Since I have been doing these workouts, I love the comments that I receive from kids that are 19-20 years old: "Your biceps are bigger than mine!" or "You are really ripped!" This feels great since I am 44 years old. Thanks Scott for pushing me through my slump!

- Patricia W 06/21/2014




Consultation Client Tom Burns 18 Pounds of Body Fat and Gains 5 Pounds of Muscle in 14 weeks!

Tom executed customized training and nutrition programs built specifically for his needs to drive rapid progress.  Training programs featured strategic challenge increases every 2 weeks to increase fat burning hormones and stimulate muscle fibers critical to rapid growth.

Training Quality Over Quantity!

Advanced trainees like Tom must add strategic challenges regularly due to the maturity of their nervous systems which catch on quick to training plans.  4 intense weight training sessions, all taking less than 60 minutes with two 30 minute interval sessions per executed each week.

Prevent Fat Burning Plateaus

Macronutrient cycling nutrition programs helped Tom avoid metabolic staleness, increase fat burning/muscle building enzymes and optimize the hormonal environment.  Altering the composition of a few weeks each week as a part of the macronutrient cycling strategy is not only highly effective for transforming body comp, but also boosts energy levels through the through the roof!

100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time and Night time formula were used on a daily basis to accelerate fat burning, rates of recovery form hard training and muscle growth. 

Tom F
January 4th 2014 Body Fat 13%
Tom F
April 13th 2014 Body Fat 5%
Tom F
January 4th 2014 178 Pounds.  Lean Weight 152 Pounds        
Tom F
April 13th 2014 165 Pounds      Lean Weight 157 Pounds


Going From 13% to 6.8% Body Fat in 12 Weeks!

My name is Richard L and I am a certified master trainer that has been in the fitness industry for ten years. I had a very specific goal and was looking to drop body fat while keeping muscle mass. Scott provided me with a detailed custom nutrition plan designed to meet those goals. It was a pleasure communicating with Scott and he always answered my questions and gave great feedback promptly.

I was able to meet my fitness goals by eating only healthy, nutritious food while cutting out unnecessary supplements and shakes. My advanced supplement protocol included the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis powder and Alpha Omega M3.

I have never felt or looked better in my years of being involved in fitness. His nutritional knowledge has not only change my life but the life of my clients and the success of my business. I now consult with Scott on many of my clients nutritional needs and the outcomes have been outstanding. I can't wait to see the results of my next goal come to life With the help of Scott's nutrition plans.

- Rich L May 31, 2013


Rich L
13% to 6.8% Body Fat in 12 weeks


I am extremely happy with my fast results in such a short period of time.

By drinking Muscle Synthesis powder and 100% MR pre and post workout and between meals, and taking Alpha Omega M3 I have been able to get my results more quickly and can’t wait to see my progress in the future.

I've been working with Scott Mendelson from Infinity Fitness now for about 1 month and I am extremely happy with my fast results in such a short period of time. By taking advantage of Scott's 12 week training and nutrition plan and using Dr. Serrano's advanced supplements I have been able to decrease my body fat percentage and increase my strength. I can already see a big difference in my physique. My workouts are extremely intense but only 30-40 minutes long which is a big change for me as I was usually in the gym for 2 hours at a time. By drinking Muscle Synthesis powder and 100% MR pre and post workout and between meals, and taking Alpha Omega M3 I have been able to get my results more quickly and can’t wait to see my progress in the future.

Thank you Scott and Dr. Serrano for all you have helped me accomplish so far!"

- Daniel R 05/20/2013



Daniel R


Infinity Fitness the place of choice when it comes to "Making fitness goals into reality" and they stand by what they mean.

I started working with Scott H. Mendelson via phone and email and he ensured me that I would reach my goals if I followed sound instructions on the workouts and the nutrition plan that he prepared for me. At first I was skeptical on how this would work not being able to meet in person but I finally started to believe after he ask me to send him pictures of an out of shape body that I neglected in my off time, and that's what caught my attention on how serious he was about what Infinity Fitness is all about.....

In August 2012 he introduce me to new gym routines and a new way of nutrition to change my eating habits. Starting off out of shape is always a mental part of training because you have to motivate yourself to believe in what can be done but also putting trust in something that is new for the first time. So after the first 6 weeks of following the exercise routines and nutrition plan I was amazed of the fast results:

First Phase
Week 1 >>>> Progression >>>> Week 6
Bench Press: 155lbs                     2351bs
Squats: 225lbs                             305lbs

Second Phase
Week 1                                         Week 6
Incline BB Press: 155lbs               175lbs (3sets) Reps (7,7,5)
Squats: 295lbs                             325lbs (4sets) Reps (8,8,8,8)

Third Phase
Week 1                                         Week 6
Bench Press: 245lbs                     305lbs
Squats: 345lbs                             405lbs

This is an example of how Scott of Infinity Fitness Helped me and were not done by far.... We are still in the process of reaching my goals and I will keep you all updated as I progress further down in my training..... by the way that's a tad bit of what I had to do to reach theses results :-)
Thanks Scott and Infinity Fitness.....  

Sincerely Yours,

- Antonio Williams (Track Athlete)  12/18/2012



Antonio Williams


40 pound Fat Loss in 6 weeks with Customized Program

Just a few short months ago I was floundering around trying to start a exercise regimen. I was out of shape, overweight and felt out of control. To make matters worse I had sprained my knee during too vigorous of a Jazzercise workout. I happened to mention my pain and frustration to a business colleague of mine, Bryan G, who I know is a person that takes fitness seriously. Bryan recommended that I contact Scott H. Mendelson of Infinity Fitness and provided me with his contact information.

He explained that I was doing too much cardio and not enough muscle building and that Scott could help me get on a fitness program to help me with my goals. I contacted Scott and he sent me a questionnaire that helped him to understand what he needed to put together for a personal fitness plan for me to lose fat and build muscle. He then sent me a 6 week weight training chart to use as my guide and outlined a meal program to follow.

I would alternate weight training and bicycling (one of my favorite means of exercise) every other day. Along with these guidelines he recommended that I add the dietary supplements Muscle Synthesis powder and 100% MR to help aide in Rapid Fat Loss/Muscle Recovery and Alpha Omega M3 to help with metabolism.

It is nearing the end of the first 6 weeks and I cannot begin to describe the metamorphosis that I have experienced!

I have dropped 40 lbs and and 4 dress sizes, I feel energetic and alive again! My business has benefited because of my increased energy and newly gained positive outlook. I never tire of how many people compliment me each day. I tell them all about the program and now my husband has decided that he is going to have Scott help him as well.

I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the Infinity Fitness Consultation and the program Scott has put together for me, it has changed my life for the better forever. I look forward to the next 6 weeks of training and the rest of my fit life. Thank you Scott!

 -Josie R New Jersey 05/21/2013
Infinity Fitness Consultation Client




My Secret, is Scott...

I've been working with Scott Mendelson for over ten years now. I'm a 56 year old fitness fanatic while juggling a senior executive lifestyle, and have been working out since I was 19 years old. The results I have seen since working with Scott… both on the customized routines he creates for me, and the supplementation and revolutionary dietary recommendations he recommends… are far beyond not only my own expectations, but also to the ASTONISHMENT of everyone in my gym and in my personal life. I maintain 5-6% body fat, and EVERY SINGLE DAY (no exaggeration) people come up to me and ask how i do it. Not only in the gym, but I've had many people stop me on the street, in my local health food store, and even PULL OVER IN THEIR CARS to find out "my secrets".

My Secret, is Scott (and through him, the dietary and supplementation wisdom of Dr. Serrano). I also credit, and would not think of going without their Muscle Synthesis, 100% MR, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce (even when I don't need to lose fat I use it for energy and building lean muscle mass) and the incredible protein DigestA+Lean Protein.

Even at age 56, by own doctors cannot believe my "stats" and express disbelief that I maintain vital signs of an athletic 25 year old. I'm not kidding. Everyone in the gym… trainers, college athletes, men, women.. and especially anyone paying attention to aging and how to stay "beyond in shape"… in fact in elite athletic shape… cannot believe (nor seem to achieve) my results. And I know the reason why…. they don't train following Scott's customized routines , supplementation, and dietary programs. NOBODY in my age group, or even decades younger, come close to my results. But they COULD, I believe, by following Scott and Dr. Serrano's advice and routines. (For a MAJOR dietary revelation, check out their new 5 1/2 hour seminar video!)

One of the main things people tend to notice and comment on is that I'm not only muscular, but I'm very vascular and cut. Vascularity is of course a key factor to good health, as excellent circulation is one of the things most people begin to lose with age, yet I continue to improve and thus my overall health is excellent and delivery of oxygen and nutrients are that of a very young person… in fact exceeding most of them. I also know that my intensity and focus are a big part of this; something I have developed over time due to the continually evolving routines and outstanding energy levels that allow me to work much harder, and recover much faster than almost anyone. After my most strenuous workouts (typically leg workouts), I'm literally almost crawling out of the weight room, yet I am bouncing with energy already by the time I leave the gym ten minutes later!

I could go on and on, but I think you get my message. I almost hate to reveal "my secrets", but in fact I wish this fantastic elite health for anyone who is willing to commit to it. Give Scott a try… I GUARANTEE that, like me, you'll still be a faithful follower a decade or two from now, and will be the star of your gym, and with anyone in your life who cares about abundant health, sculpted muscular bodies, and OBVIOUS fantastic health! Do it now!

- Bill G- Thousand Oaks California 10/07/2012



Bill G - is ripped at age 56!


Having Scott’s direction behind you is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner

No one can guarantee that you will ever reach your fitness goals, and seeing the results of others does not convey rights to you relative to the same outcome; but I will say this-- having Scott Mendelson as your trainer increases your odds of reaching your fitness goals dramatically, if you’re willing to put in the work. Having Scott’s direction behind you is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner. Your chances of winning increase exponentially. There’s no question in my mind that without Scott Mendelson’s direction and training blue print, I would never have reach the level of fitness I am enjoying today at age 47. Moreover, the thought of competing at an NPC men’s physique contest amongst competitors 20-28 years younger and dominating was not even a consideration. My advice to you is to make a commitment to work with Scott for at least a year (He doesn’t work miracles) then sit up straight, resolve to work hard-this isn’t beach body 101 or P-90x, take a deep breath, and call Scott Mendelson—that’s if you want to see results.

- Dan L 05/05/2012

Dan L - Before & After


Achieving a Ripped Body in just 12 Weeks!

Scott has shown and proven that what he does and believes in really works. His knowledge excellence has help me achieve one of my lifelong goals.

I started a 12 week customized bodybuilding diet consisting of a nutrition plan and workout routine. At the beginning of my program I weighted in at 200lbs @ 12% body fat. after completion of Scotts personal program design.  I actually gained 5lbs of lean body mass and lost 8% body fat. Scotts program design opened my eyes to a new way to stimulate muscle growth along with fat loss. I highly recommend the Scott's consultation services.

Start weight 200lbs 12% Body Fat
Ending weight 188lbs 4% Body Fat

- Joshua P    Natural Bodybuilder

Josh P is Ripped!


Going from 15% to 6% Body Fat Fast!

I always had the goal of getting to a ripped 6% body fat level. After many years without success I turned to Scott to see if he could help. Under Scott's guidance, I finally achieved my goal and have not looked back. Now Scott is helping me build muscle without adding body fat.

Scott's customized plans provide the necessary roadmap to achieve your goals. Under Scott's guidance, I have achieved success with both building muscle and losing fat. Scott gives you the diet and training tools that not only are flexible to life's challenges, but actually work!

- Justin P  12/04/2011

12 week Integrated Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan $199.99 
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Small Investment- Huge Return!

Platinum Consultation - Internet and Phone consulting package -
2 individual phone conferences per month, advanced programming and technical support directly with Scott - add $100 (Platinum Consultation)

  • Customized Plans for your Individual Needs and Goals

  • Detailed Training/Nutrition Plans emailed to you

  • Weekly Information Collection and Refinements

  • Digital Videos To instruct all Exercises

  • Full Time Technical Support by Email

  • Success Calendars, Goal Sheets & Organizational Tools

See Scott in Action Explaining Training Program BASICS and the BEST DAYS to train


Justin P
Great Abs and Guns!




As I was flipping through one of my favorite fitness magazines "IRONMAN" an article titled Single Digit body fat %, I read it 3 times in a row, it was that good! It wasn't the normal articles you see time after time in every fitness magazine telling you the same thing about eating low calories and to do tons of cardio day in and out! I noticed at the end of the article Scott had is name and email and website!

As I was searching through the website I could not believe the free knowledge I was reading from Scott and Dr. Eric Serrano! I was addicted I could not get enough! finally I started reading more about their supplements and it was right then, when I knew I had to order some! I cannot believe how Amino Acids must be the most under-rated supplements on the planet! They work wonders if they used in a high enough dosage like they advise you how they should be taken, the best quality for a good price!

I Bought a training and nutrition program and started taking the Alpha Omega M 3, 100% MR & Muscle Synthesis Powder, I couldn't believe how much my energy a strength went up! I felt amazing after every workout, I was always excited to beat my personal best for the second one to come! Comparing my week#1 workout to my week#6 seemed like a totally different person! My Squat for example started at 115lbs and jumped up to a solid 175lbs, and I am only 106lbs!

30 days went by, and it was time to test my results with my body composition! WOW! I lost 2% body fat and Gained a pound of muscle! I couldn't be any happier! they are the #1 Supplement company I recommend to anyone because I know they will deliver the results fast and you feel amazing!

- Andrea 09/17/2011


Andrea uses a customized training,
nutrition & supplementation program
to get Lean and Mean
with a great physique!


I lost ZERO Weight and Feel Great, Forget The Scale!

I was obsessed with the scale for years thinking it was the only indication of progress. All of that changed when I started working with Scott. He explained the value of building lean muscle mass to support my long terms of being very lean, strong and healthy. The more lean muscle- the larger the calorie burning engine as he points out so I can stay very lean forever. Over the last 6 weeks I have not lost a single pound, but I have shaved 2 inches off my waist and look completely different in the mirror. My shirt sleeves are tight and all of my pants are falling off. That is what I have been chasing all along!

Amino Loading between meals and with workouts is awesome. It makes me feel strong like a bull and I am never sore. I use to suffer from cravings mind games, but whenever I feel that urge coming on I sip the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis and problem solved. Life is about choices and I am making all of the right ones on a consistent basis as I actually feel like training! Sessions are short and intense- obviously effective as everyone around the office is complementing me on all of the improvements being made.

The nutrition plan is simple and I never thought my energy levels would be so high. Scott pointed out that there were parts of my prior diet that were zapping energy which lead to bad food choices. After fixing this problem, my afternoons became much more productive. The Alpha Omega has been great for my skin which used to be very dry and I started noticing my mid section body fat decreasing when the Alpha Omega was started a couple weeks after the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis. Thanks Scott for answering my questions and helping me solve problems!

- Tom L Madison Wisconsin 06/11/11

Tom L
Muscle Gain with ZERO Weight Loss







Scott's innovative programs help keep me on top! My condition improves every show by working hard and smart- I have been in the iron game for many years and Scott is one of the best trainers I have ever come across not just for bodybuilders, but for the population at large. I have seen him "re shape" all sorts of people.






I stay very lean year round due to a fast metabolism supported by a significant muscle mass. More muscle equals more calories burned each hour. I feel great every day and rely on Scott to integrate cutting edge tactics into my training and nutrition programs.


Hitting the Muscles Just Right to Get the Allusive Lower Abs

I am no stranger to the gym, I work in one as a trainer every day. My results have been very good. I am 38 years old with pretty well defined upper abs, but the lowers have always alluded me. Putting more size on my guns was also a priority that I made very clear. I heard about Scott at Infinity Fitness while at a trade show and thought a while about contacting him for some customized help. His nearly instant response to my email prompted a call and we quickly got down to business as he asked specific questions about my training and nutrition plan at the time. I signed up for a consultation and a few days later had my plan to go over with Scott which we did by phone in detail.

Considering I have been in the business for 20 years I was comfortable with my knowledge and still am. However Scott introduced me to a lot of new techniques that have worked wonders for me. My definition, lean muscle mass levels and strength have never been better. My clients notice and so do other colleagues. This has had a great impact on my business as more new clients are coming my way. You just know during the workout when scheme is stimulating the muscles just right. It is a hard feeling to explain, but I know when I see it. The confidence that comes with this situation is huge leading to a better performance with every workout. Scott lays out the speed of reps and many execution twists on exercises to increase recruitment that I never would have thought of. They were not done at random and Scott explained that these small details were important for someone who has been training for a long time to keep things fresh for the muscles.

Some supplements have worked better than others in my experience, but I decided to give what Scott suggested a try. Not only do the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis and Alpha Omega work very well- they cost less than the combination of other supplements I have since eliminated from my program. My rate of recovery and performance while training have not been this good since my mid 20's and I have training journals back to those dates to reference. These same workouts would have left me in very sore status if I had tried them a few months ago, but the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis take care of any soreness or the mental fatigue I used to feel after tough workouts. Alpha Omega makes my joints feel great, especially when I upped the dosage. This has also helped my ab definition tremendously. I cannot thank you enough Scott for your professionalism and your willingness to answer questions.

- Joe Jacksonville FL 07/20/2011

Feeling and Looking Manly Again
Getting Into Great Shape FAST!

I used to wake up most days feeling like crap; stressed with anxiety became the norm. Energy was low and so was motivation. A lot of this was tied to how I looked. What made even more upset was the fact that I was putting effort into diet and training and still seeing pretty average results. After getting married and having a couple kids I realized that I looked like Joe average instead of an in shape like I used to be. I heard about Scott from a couple colleagues who like me have demanding jobs and little time. They were swearing by his programs and seeing is believing as they looked a heck of a lot better than me while having the same challenges. I decided it was time to make a change and teach this old dog some new tricks. I wanted to get my Six Pack back and I knew it would not be an overnight process.

The customized training and nutrition program have been life changing. I feel a 1000% better mentally and physically. I feel much more manly, more confident and ready to take on challenges instead of complaining all of the time. Scott helped me solve all sorts of problems with simple strategies that I could apply when traveling. He even came up with a body weight routine for times when my schedule eliminates my workouts. I do the two toughest workouts on the weekends in the morning which works great since I have more time to rest and eat afterward. They make a great start to the weekend days instead of being sluggish and there is definitely a good impact on my food choices. Following training I feel great and as a result do not seek out the garbage my wife brings to the house sometimes like pastries.

My weekend workouts are a fast paced 45 minutes and the others are 30 minutes or less. Everything is laid out for me and none of my old injuries have flared up which is shocking to me. My shoulders have not felt this good in 10 years and I think it is related to the special exercises like the external rotation combo that Scott put in the workouts. I sip the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis when workout out, between meals, on planes, in hotels - you name it and it keeps my brain very sharp! I am down 12 lbs, but I know I have lost more fat since my chest and arm measurements are up indicating that an old dog like me can still put on some quality muscle while losing body fat. Thanks Scott

- Bernie Portland 05/24/11


My Success was Better Late than Never- Now I have a Six Pack!

The results I have earned working with Scott over the last year represent more progress than the prior 5 years. On one hand I am very pleased that I am now 8% body fat with a lot of muscle and great energy, but on the other I kick myself for wasting so much time before signing up for a customized plan. I failed to mention I have a real six pack! After a life time of failed endless workouts and starvation diets, I finally found what works. My wife told me I was crazy for thinking that earning a six pack was possibly at age 42. Scott and I proved her wrong and how she is going to work with Scott as well.

Scott's consults leaves no stone un turned. I call him a handy man because every time I run into a challenge of some sort with nutrition or training he has a quick fix that actually works! I participate in many different sports year round including cycling, mountain biking, tennis, flag football and a little golf. My customized training routines have done wonders for my body, but also have improved my performance. For an entire year I have been injury free while being more active than ever before.

The Training routines are awesome! I get so much done in 45 minutes, more than what other guys are accomplishing in an hour and half. Everything is rapid fire and I look forward to the challenge. My strength is very good and I no pain during any lifts which is great. I drink the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis before, during and after the workout without failure and the next morning I wake up feeling great with very little soreness and no sluggishness like I used to get. I drink them between meals also because they taste good and I know they are good for muscles. I see the difference on days when I forget to Amino Load between meals.

Nutrition was so confusing to me over the years that I did was ready to quit. A year ago starting a customized plan I quickly earned a better pace of fat loss and more muscle with better energy. This was not my accident as the nutrition plan included macronutrient cycling (fancy term of shifting different food types around). I have found this way of eating very satisfying as I am never hungry and get to eat my favorite things each week. Those pain in the butt cravings are also gone and that has a lot to do with the Alpha Omega. I can tell when I do not take those at lunch as in the afternoon I am tempted to eat from the office candy jar.

There have been many nutrition program revisions over the year depending on my goals, but everything is so well thought out that I can just do it and not worry about anything else since I know the results will come.

Seriously if you are wanting to make a big change in your life with how your body looks and feels- you should work with Scott. He is very quick with responses and extremely driven to help his clients, he tells it like it is and is very helpful with motivation. I have sent a couple friend his way for programs and they have also done very well.

- MLT Boston. 04/24/11


Executive with aspirations of being in body builder "show" shape.

46 yrs old lifting since teens, seriously this round for the last 8 years. 5'6", 175lbs 13% Body Fat. and could not move the body fat needle down no matter what.

I reached out to Scott at Infinityfitness after reading an article in Iron Man Magazine wherein he was interviewed and focused on the potential culprits which could slow down ones metabolism; lack of sleep, too much stress, not enough recovery.... Sounded like me.

I thought I ate enough calories to get at maintenance + 200 for gains, but all I gained was fat. I tried to lean out by eating under maintenance by 200 and added in cardio both long and slow and HIT. I still wasn't going anywhere.  This was my case for years.

Within a few short minutes on the phone after we arranged for a consulting engagement, Scott seemed to have enough detail about me (likely he's seen my condition before) and he put together almost overnight a detailed 12 week nutrition plan. The punch line in the plan was "Macronutrient cycling". Now I've tried carb cycling before and borrowed friends numbers and tried to translate them to me and  I never got any good results. Scott's plan was simple enough, but strict. 5 days of no carbs except through green vegetables, 1 day of carbs through good clean sources, 1 day of good clean fats. Each no-carb day had as well some amount of good fats too.  Scott also had me take all dairy and wheat out of my diet. I think that was a good idea and I think it helped.

I kicked off the first week Monday and began. Around Wednesday I noticed a tad more energy in my step, and less cloudiness in my head - an unexpected benefit. And since I'm in a technical position, having less cobwebs up there is worth its weight in gold. As well - I was less 'tweaked' by annoying things/people - another side effect but a good one.

First week closed out all base days and 5/3/1 sets and I set out to train hard Saturday AM and have some brown rice and steak afterwards. By the way I train 4 to 6 times a week, most always at 4:30 AM., except weekends.

Scott also cautioned me to keep my sessions to under an hour. Another flaw in my method - I would be in there for 2+ hours....

Saturday was great - carbs! and I felt more energy. Sunday was squats - heavy - and the extra fat seemed to help me through it. Monday - repeat.

Well I just ended my 4th week, only 28 days or so and here is the progress I've made.

Bodyweight went from 174 to 168.
ody fat went from 13% to 8.4%!

Strength has increased emotional well being is better stamina through the day is better thinking on my feet is better and - I just went out to buy a whole new set of pants for work/home because I went from a 33/34 waste to a 30!, a 30!

More updates to come - my goal in this plan is to get to 6% body fat or less, and keep my weight at around 165 plus - by then I should be in near body builder condition.

By the way - PRs - Squat 365x4, bench 315x4, deadlift 330x8, military press 125x3

- Mark L 1/29/2011



The Best Money I Ever Spent

I am in my late 40's have kids a wife and an extremely demanding job.  I used all of these things as an excuse for too long to justify why I could not earn a great physique with six pack abs and plenty of muscle.  One day I went on to and decided to make a change.   To my surprise Scott himself answered me within 5 minutes by email on a Saturday.  Now I have what I want- and I am not going back to tired - fat - businessman excuse maker.  I am lean and mean with near endless energy!

My time is worth money in the bank in a very high stakes business. I am an excellent businessman - just ask my clients, however I came to the realization that I was not good at writing programs or diets.   It was taking many hours to put them together and they never worked as well as I thought even though I consistently put in the hard word.  I think many of my injuries over the years were the results of my own poor program designs.  Sure I would change programs, but there was no real method as to why.  I would usually pick up the latest magazine and pick something out.  I never changed grips or angles and just stock with standard stuff.   My wife convinced me to stop banging my head in the wall so I sought out help from Scott Mendelson.  This was the best money I ever spent as I cut my training down in half, but my rate of progress is more than double.  Scott brings a tremendous amount of value to the table with his knowledge.  He has so many factors to change including rep speed, exercises, rests, rep brackets and more.  I can tell with every new workout that the muscles are being not just challenged, but properly stimulated.  I was stuck on so many stupid training techniques based on what everyone else was doing in the gym.  I am glad he opened up my eyes techniques designed specifically for me.  Everything is very efficient, no standing around and no over training.  I wake up every morning feeling great and I and I am dealing with stress much better than before. 

I travel just about every week for work and I do not let that get in my way.  I know where to find good food options while on the road eating out with clients.  No excuses for me, I find a way to get it done!  The better I do with diet, supplements and training- the better my mental and physical energy.  I use the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis, Fat Reduce and Alpha Omega daily.  I sip on the MR and MS about 30 minutes before training and I feel a difference within minutes.  My muscles are always full and I am much stronger than guys  who are 10-15 years younger in the gym.  Recently I started taking the MR and Muscle Synthesis between meals and my soreness disappeared all together.  My body fat is going down faster as well.  I have never done anything in my life that has created such as fast result for body while requiring so little effort.   All I have to do is drink that combo and I feel great all day. Alpha Omega have helped me drop body fat like crazy and I no longer crave junk at all.  There is  a big connection to appetite and cravings- I forgot the Alpha Omega for one 5 day trip and there was a big difference with these matters. In 6 months my body has made huge changes in addition to improved Energy. For the first time in 10 years I am looking forward to good weather so I can show off at the pool with my new body.  I have lost 15 lbs on the scale, but based on my tape measurements I have easily put on an equal amount of muscle making me look even leaner!

- JT  03/04/2011


Workout Pumps Stretching my Shirt Sleeves!

Scott my muscle pump from training in my arms was so big it stretched my shirt sleeves today!  You have managed to boil down my training into 4 action packed sessions that are increasing muscle while lowering body fat.  For this I thank you, I have cut my training time down by at least a third since starting with you and my results are twice as good!  This is the first time in recent memory I actually look forward to training instead of it being a chore.  My progress has a lot to do with the high motivation levels, but the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis create a feeling that makes me want to train.  It is not a stimulant like push, but rather a big increase in focus.  My training has never been so intense and my soreness is very manageable after training sessions.  Now that I am taking the Alpha Omega Consistently it is making a huge difference with fat loss.   After a huge eating blow out over Thanksgiving I did not gain any body fat and my energy levels were pretty normal which prevented me from finishing up several days worth of pies.  I gave them to the fat guys at the office instead!  15 lbs of Fat Loss in 30 days with New Energy

I have been weight training for over 10 years now and with time my metabolism has gone through a shift that I think everyone can attest to. From 17-25 years old I could eat all I wanted with no fat gain at all and then slowly with time the weight starts to accumulate. This past year (2009) I was as high as 227lbs at 5’10 and although I had muscular build the amount of abdominal body fat was evident. I was muscular but certainly not defined.  

In July 2009 I decided it was time to lose some fat and get that athletic build back. I read countless magazines, books, e- books and applied the information on my own and when that failed I even went as far as seeking help from some successful bodybuilders here in Canada and even paid for custom programs from some highly regarded experts in the US. I kept getting the same old info. Count your calories and stick with the basics (oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, chicken, turkey, beef, wild game, fish, and healthy fat from almonds, flax and olive oil).

I was working out intensely, doing up to 4 days of cardio a week too and had my calories dropped as low as 2000 calories a day to get my body weight to shift and through all of that my lowest weight was 213lbs. I was beyond frustrated, hours of weight training to structured programs, hours of cardio a week, counting every calorie, weighing every food and trying multiple different macronutrient percentages and at the end of it all I had lost only 14 pounds in close to one year with all of this. Along the way I used thousands of dollars on supplements from special protein powders, fat burners,  desiccated liver tablets, pre-workout formulas all of which can be factored into the “lack of results” noted above.

Then came my “lucky day”. My July 2010 issue of Planet Muscle arrived in my mail box and as I always do, I read the entire magazine front to back with one article catching my attention. It was written by Dr. Serrano and Scott Mendelson on Cutting Edge Fat Shredding. In the article it stated “Rule #1 is, you will not get a maximally ripped, lean body until you find out if carbs or fats works best for your individual and unique metabolism. It also mentioned that stressed people are carb sensitive. The article made sense so I contacted Scott at the start of July.

I filled out a questionnaire and gave Scott my current weight training / cardio regime and the next day he had my diet and workout schedule all set out. He said immediately he knew where my mistakes were and that based on the information provided that I would respond best to a moderate protein, high fat, low carb diet. He suggested getting off all my supplements and using Muscle Synthesis, 100% MR and Alpha Omega. I was surprised that was all I had to take in comparison to my stash of supplements. I am ecstatic to say that I have now been following the diet and weight training regime for just over a month and have dropped from 218 pounds to 203lbs. Work has been just as busy and stressful for me as ever so I have to confess that I have dropped this 15lbs without starting the cardio session three times weekly in the morning. With that I expect in further beneficial results. Even though I started with Scott to lose body fat I really feel like my overall health and vitality has turned around. I no longer feel bloated, my joint pain is gone, energy is consistent, I have better mental clarity, recovery from workouts is faster, and most of all I just don’t feel like my digestive system is overwhelmed anymore.  Most of all I finally found the diet that works for me. I hesitate to even use the term diet as I have never felt better and do not feel like I am deprived of any food. I don’t even crave the complex carbs now or even sugar.

I will continue to eat this way and follow Scott’s advice as he has provided more results in one month than multiple other people in the last year combined. My case baffled many people but Scott knew within 10 minutes of a phone conversation exactly what I needed to do and the results prove it. Many thanks goes out to Scott for this one.

- M.W. Ontario, CANADA 8/02/2010


A New Definition of Intensity

Before working with Scott the quality of my workouts was low.  I figured out what I was going to do 5 minutes before getting to the gym and made some progress, but nowhere near my ultimate goals.  During the initial info review from my questionnaire Scott called me out when he reviewed my weights and told me that he had female clients using more weight than I was, I thought about it, put my attitude aside and realized I was not working hard enough, I lacked focus in the gym.  Without someone to keep tabs on me I get lazy and results slide.   I am accountable with the reports I send twice a month that take me about 10 minutes. Scott finds important areas to improve with strategies to make it happen during my calls which we do at night west coast time while I am driving home from work with time to kill.  His quick responses to emails and calls are amazing.  I train for 45 very intense minutes 4 times week and that is it.  There is no way I could come up with these types of workouts on my own.  Everything is so well thought to the last detail and week by week my performance has improved beyond what I ever thought possible.  I am now 194 lbs and I can press more weight with perfect form than when I was in my 20's.   I never feel tired or sore the day after workouts and that is due to the Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis.  I will not work out without them as the training session would probably kill me!   My focus is very sharp throughout training and just in general feel very good and this has helped tremendously with my diet also to avoid junk food even though I am surrounded by it all of the time.  Most weeks I do not have time for cardio or anything else.  The diet is extremely simple and my energy is better than ever.  I lost 14 lbs of fat and put on 6 lbs of muscle during the first two months of the program and plan to keep the trend going!   

- TR Chicago 


Life Changing Transformation

Scott I used to be a fat guy, 50 lbs over weight with very little muscle for a grown man.  It really bothered me for a long time and every time I made an effort to change things fell short. This created more discouraging thoughts and lead to more bad eating, laziness, you know the deal. You have been doing my programs for so long I do not even remember when we started.  I saw a friend of my for the first time in 5 years and he was amazed by how I look today and it really hit home with me in regards to the changes.  Instead of being known as the fat guy, I am now the really in shape guy that people go to for advice. 

 My energy is great at work and home, with a new baby this is very important to me.  For this I thank you! The 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis and Alpha Omega are my tools for life.  They make me feel great and allow me to hit it hard weather I am working or training.  Dramatic differences in progress when I am consistent using them vs. my long periods of travel.  I will not make that mistake again of leaving them at home.  Over the years you have helped me get back on track when other people would have let me quit.  Your plans are well thought out and over several years I have never repeated the same workout which is amazing.  You must spend a huge amount of time inventing new routines.  Anyone out there reading this should work with Scott, he cares and most importantly he knows what he is doing.  Now I just have to get my wife to listen to Scott and my life would be even better. 

- James Baton Rouge.  11/15/2010


Great Fat Loss with No Endless Cardio

I was doing an hour of cardio twice per day as I read in a women's mag that was I needed to do to get really lean.  Well that backfired as I got fatter and really stressed.  I spent all of this time working out only to get worse results.  My diet was a mess as well and I was completely obsessed with the scale.  Now I have learned that body fat % is the key and as that improves so does my body. I used to have big problems snacking between meals, but since starting the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis between meals that is no longer a problem.  The nutrition plan has changed a few times along with the workouts and it is all so simple to follow.   By the time I dialed up Scott it was a last resort, but I trusted my friend who worked with him and got great results- much better than mine!!  she was right- Scott is on point and rapid fire.  He does not sleep as I get responses to emails late at night, on weekends, whenever.  I do not pretend to understand everything that he has me doing and do not care.  My progress is moving, my energy is much improved, stress gone, sleeping better, less irritable and overall much better in every way.  I am saving a ton of time only working out with weights three days a week and two very tough sprint sessions that take 20 minutes at home.  My husband thinks Scott is worthy of an award since I no longer complain nonstop about losing fat etc so that tells you something.  The only thing I have measured is body fat % which has gone 4% in a month and I will measure again soon to report. 

- JS  South Carolina 3/02/11


Unmatched Dedication and Service!

Scott I am very impressed not only by your excellent programs, but also your dedication to your clients.  I fully expected your answering machine when I called at 11 pm seeking answers to questions about my new program.  You answered the phone and took the time to give me the pointers needed.  After 6 weeks on your routines the changes have been huge.  I am down 12 lbs of body fat and my muscle has gone up 6 lbs!  There is no statistic I can put on my energy levels, but to give you an idea of the improvement I am feeling better than at any point that I can recall since I was in college.  that was 20 years ago!  I no longer feel like sleeping at my desk and wake up every morning feeling great.  The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are great for my energy levels and I never thought I could work so hard in the gym without being sore.  They are a recovery miracle!  My focus is sharp all day when I drink them between meals.  Alpha Omega and Fat Reduce have destroyed the night time cravings that used to be a problem for me. You can put junk food in front of me and I am just not interested.  Keep up the good work Scott.

- Chris Buffalo  11/20/2010


Getting Rid of That Last 10 lbs- Finally!

I have chased perfection for a long time, getting rid of the last 10 lbs of fat has eluded me for years, but not anymore!   I fit into suits that are 10 years old, can go without a shirt at the pool and gain a lot of attention!  Everyone told me it was impossible to have a six pack in my 50s, but we proved them wrong Scott!  The first 12 week phase was great with all of the new techniques I have learned.   After reading an article I decided to give Scott a call and I am glad I made the effort to sign up with him.  My life style is tough on training since I travel nonstop for work, changing time zones each week, making presentations and stuck in air ports.  I am amazed by how easy Scott has made the nutrition plan.  Training is awesome.  It is a challenging 35 minutes for this current routine, but I stay focused on the goals and consistently drink the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis before, during and after training.  Recovery is great, I am hardly sore the next day, but I can feel that my muscles have been taxed.  My shirt sleeves are getting tight and my torso is blowing up.  At 52 putting on muscle???  Yes !  My stress level has not changed, but I feel great every day.  The Alpha Omega zap any cravings I used to have and I believe them improve my mood as well!  The Fat Reduce PM is the best thing I have ever taken to help me sleep and I have tried everything out there.  I like the balanced energy the Fat Reduce AM gives me during the day also.  Everything working like a charm Scott. 

- Bill 7/02/10


Gaining Muscle Overnight!

Scott I feel like I am growing Muscle practically overnight!  My arms are blowing up.  If you told me I could gain 10 lbs of muscle in 2 months before starting with you, I would have told you were crazy!  I catch everyone at the gym eying me to see what I am doing, I am the talk of the place since I am on of the only ones making progress.  Why?  The right changes.  Something you said the first time I spoke with you has really stuck with me- fix the cause of the problems for long term success.  My shoulders feel great, digestion has improved and obviously there were problems with training/nutrition plan since I was not making much progress.  I just wish I had reached out to you sooner as my life is so much easier now!  I added the alpha omega during the second month and now my six pack is showing with great definition. I am looking forward to putting on some more size during the Summer while staying really lean.  The "pre beach" routine you gave me created a huge pump- Must be the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis filling up the Muscles because the next day I was not even sore which was a welcome surprise. 

- James L Costa Mesa CA 5/10/10


Job Challenges- No barrier to Success

My job is very challenging right now- selling cars and I lost focus with training and nutrition to a degree. Just stuck doing the same routines without any changes for a long time.  While in good shape for my age, I was still not satisfied. After 20 years of training I was looking for another way to increase muscle + strength and lose some fat to be a 40 something guy with the elusive six pack. I found Scott through the internet and was floored that a human actually responded to my emails.  He quickly came back with some suggestions and I signed up for his program.  The phone conversations are very helpful and I just did what he said.  Within a couple weeks I was feeling better without investing as much time in working out as I thought.

Scott’s programs are awesome, they include a variety of methods that I have never seen before and I can feel every movement during training taxing muscles.  I never forget the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis because without I would be toast- no way I could pack that much work into 45 min without them.  I have been too busy to get a body fat test lately, but my abs are coming out while my muscles are full all over.  My arm and chest measurements are going up for sure and I will send along the tape measure results too with the body fat test.

Working at a car dealership poses its challenges, there are always doughnuts and other snacks for customers.  Usually the staff including me ended up eating that stuff, the Alpha Omega crushes my cravings- I do not know the science behind it and do not care because it works.  I simply have no desires for that crap any more.  Scott helped me organize a lot of things with my diet including macronutrient cycling which is awesome.  I do not feel like this is a diet as I am never hungry and energy is great.  Again why it works?  I do not care, but it does.  I feel like after years of trying all sorts of diets, this plan Scott has customized for me is my ticket to a great six pack-  look out for me Memorial Day weekend!!!

- JD New Jersey  3/10/10   

From Fat Guy To Six Pack Abs!

Scott I took the best vacation of my life this past week and it had little to do with the location etc.  I am absolutely thrilled with how I look and feel.  I am the best conditioned guy at this huge hotel and that includes the sluggish 20 something guys.  I am 44 with three kids.   A year ago just before I sought out your help I looked terrible, very fat and I had all of the excuses in the world ranging from work to social/ business events where bad foods were readily available to me.  They still are but I find better things to eat.  Any way your custom programs have helped me turn things around.  I very much appreciate your support over the last year especially during the rough patches.  You always have a solution to problems and I was assured of this before I started when a friend of mine who is one of your clients encouraged me to contact you. 

I am busy with work and family stuff, but I decided that I need to apply the same disciple that has helped me be successful in my business career to my health.  My training each week does not take up much time, I cut out some tv watching to fit it in.  My energy is great allowing me to be more productive with my time and it is no coincidence that it improved as my diet and training routine followed your methods.  I used to struggle through the day and would often times have to sleep during the late afternoon due to the fatigue.  You have made things very easy for me to follow and your responsiveness is amazing. 

End result I have a six pack!  I am not sure why but people respond to me in a more favorable manner now that I am in good shape.  It has won me several new accounts and when asking a client they told me that I projected great energy and enthusiasm, she also mentioned that I was the least likely to have a massive heart attack out of the 4 other lawyers her company visited!. 

- Jack l Los Angeles 1/04/2009

Scott  I wanted to extend my thanks to you.  Jack l is my husband.  This last year has been a fantastic change for both of us.  Jack not only looks better than when we first got married, but his attitude towards life is so much better.  He is great to be around and does not bring stress home from the office and I think that has a lot to do with his ability to blow off steam while training. 

- Lorraine l. Los Angeles



Fast Fat Loss!

I knew the "weight loss" on the scale would slow down after I started working out, but I feel great, and have "lost" 11 lbs.  More important, my clothes are fitting much looser.  Looking forward to what's to come.  Thank you for being patient while I introduce everything and get it worked into my schedule!  :o)

- Cher Colmbus OH 5/24/2010


9 Lbs of Body Fat Gone in 7 days

I tell you what, I've never felt so good. My strength is coming back, I've lost 9 pounds and can tell a difference in my body already and it's not even been 7 days yet. I can't wait to see the end result. Thanks a million.

- LL Dayton 3/27/2010


Making Great Use of Every Spare Minute

I do not have a spare minute it seems, and Scott helps me take advantage of every one.  Most weeks are spent traveling, but I am not longer making that an excuse.  Since staring work with Scott in mid December I have made tremendous progress with this 48 year old body of mine.  The workouts are short and intense- most importantly they are effective as I am leaner right now than any point in the last 10 years.  I would estimate 10%, I cannot wait to get a body fat % test which will also show some increased muscle.  My strength has increased and my arms are much bigger based on how many shirts are fitting.

One of the biggest challenges when traveling and working many hours is figuring out the best way to eat, but Scott solved that very quickly with simple changes made to my meal plan.  We have made changes throughout the program and have communicated very effectively by phone every couple weeks.—Again saving me time!  It is hard to put a statistic on it, but my energy is much better.  Work days go by faster with less stress and I think this has a lot to do with the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis, Alpha Omega and Fat Reduce.  I do not have time to be tired or sore and since starting the MR and MS I have been neither! 

- Mark H Chicago 3/24/2010

 Training is more than just fun again

Your programs are great, simply great.  I enjoy going the gym now that every detail is laid out and the program is customized for my goals.  Every session puts me one step closer to my goals and I am seeing changes each week in the mirror.  The body fat tests show it too.  So far down from an out of shape 20% to a respectable 14%, but it has only been 3 months.  My arm measurements are way up thanks to you.  My grip is strong like a bear, during Thanksgiving I wrestled with my younger brothers and had them yelping.  Not hard to do since they are in their 30s as well.  Nice to show them who is boss-with 10 lbs of new muscle and more strength!  The way you pair up the unique exercises, tempos, rest periods is brilliant, I can feel the difference with each workout.  Keep the MR and Muscle Synthesis coming!  A workout without them is almost a waste of time as I am too sore if I do not take them and intensity goes way down.  Thanks

- Tim Reno NV 11/30/09


Cannot Beat them so Join Them! 

 I used to spend hours each month trying to figure out what my training programs should be pouring through endless articles and books.  Luckily I stumbled on to you after talking to the one guy in my gym who always looks better than me.  (Ray- sang your praises regarding program design and I was shocked that you have been building routines for him for 5 years.  He is the only guy in the gym who consistently makes progress, the rest of us pretty much stay the same- until now!.  Could not beat him so decided to join him and sign up.  The increased productivity and efficiency were amazing from the start.  Every detail is set up for me and the small things such as tempo and grip add up to more significant factors that I thought.  The Mirror does not lie!  My wife noticed a difference within a month and reminded me that I should stick to giving legal advice and not designing training programs. 

You have no idea how much time you have saved now that I can just train instead of debating on what to do.  I am embarrassed to say that in the last 6 months I have made more progress gaining strength, muscle and losing fat than in the previous 6 years.  I guess I should be thankful that I finally found a better rode, but 6 years is a lot of wasted time and energy.  So here are the stats you asked for- I have lost 18 lbs of body fat (8% body fat with caliper test) increased muscle by 14 lbs and my bench went from 320 to 385 without even benching very often.  Thanks Scott for going the extra mile to help- I send as many people your way that I can find.  Hopefully they can avoid my mistakes and get help from a pro. 

- Brett L Pittsburgh 10/08/09


Training Less and Gaining More Muscle

To label me a hard gainer would be an under statement, everyone else I know wants to lose fat but that has never been the problem for me.  After trying dozens of programs I am finally experiencing success.  I have put on 15 lbs of muscle since starting your training and nutrition programs 3 months ago.  Thrilled does not cover how happy I am with the progress.  I go into the gym on a mission each time making the most of the 4 weigh training opportunities available.  The time saved is amazing, I am training less and gaining more muscle now that the intensity is so high with the routines.  There is no way I would have figured out how to train and eat on my own to be this successful.  Before the end of the year I hope to gain another 10-15 lbs and am looking forward to the new routine concepts we discussed by phone along with the diet changes.  After working with 6 trainers on and off over the last 10 years no one ever changed my nutrition plan during the course of a training cycle.  Your adjustments with the macronutrient cycling are amazing as I feel like I can train all day.  Never have I woke up the next day following training and been sore.  The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are the best supplement stack I have ever taken.  There is no way I could get through the training session without them with rest periods being so short and weight loads so high!  My muscles are rock hard!!!

- James Denver 10/09/09


4 Great Years as a Consult Client

Scott I am coming up on 4 years as your client and I cannot thank you enough for what you have helped me do.  When we started I was fat and out of shape like many of my peers.  Now I am the envy of all the guys in their late thirties.  Look great at least according to my wife.  My body fat goes between 10 and 12 percent depending on the time of year.  Putting on muscle was not the goal at my outset, but that added bonus put 20 lbs on my frame and it has helped to improve my appearance by balancing out the whole structure.  It is also nice being strong around the house as I can do landscaping or other heavy chores with no problem and I keep the money!!  At 5’10 and 205 lbs people tend to take notice of me in the gym and elsewhere so I need more of your business cards to hand out.

I was worried that after a couple years you would run out of programs to use with me, but after 4 years you continue to challenge me and training is so much fun.  I look forward to every training session

My energy is endless and I work harder than the twenty something guys in my accounting firm.  No health problems and that is really the most important thing for me considering I have a wife and three kids who depend on me.  My doctor has been sending you patients since he has been so impressed with my progress. 

- Bill San Diego 4/28/2009


Call me Vain- Sounds good to me!

Scott training hard and looking good has been one of my driving forces in life for the past 10 years.  I just love training and seeing the gains come in the mirror, call me vain, but I do not care as I run circles around sluggish critics who tell me I should spend more time eating fast food and watching tv like them. 

I am competitive in nature, at work in sales, playing softball, you name it.  I take training very seriously and put you through the ringer when I called you to see how you could help me take it to the next level.  As seriously as I take training I need a coach who will help me get to the next level.  You had the answers I was looking for to start and you over delivered.  My training sessions are even better now, gaining more muscle- 6 lbs to be exact and shed a few pounds of body fat in the first 12 weeks and cannot wait for the next 12. 

Tell Dr. Serrano I say hello and that the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are by far the best supplement combo I have ever taken.  With all of my activities and work schedule recovery is at a premium and I am ever tired when taking the MR and MS.  The Alpha Omega are also great, noticeable reducing in mid section body fat and my joints feel great.

Thanks for you dedication and putting up with all of my questions. 

- Troy New Orleans  5/17/09


Losing Fat and Improving Energy

I am a lawyer; yes the kind that everyone does not like as I spend my entire day battling with other lawyers in and outside of court.  Over the years I became fat, looked in the mirror one day and said enough is enough.  A colleague who is a surgeon who also is very busy said that you were the man to go to for an effective plan.  I must complement you- your plans are easy to follow and boosted my energy.  Looking at my work logs I can now get all of my work done in 12 hours and it used to take me 14 typically.  I owe this to better energy and concentration which comes from better diet, Amino Loading and exercise.  The Alpha Omega also help my energy, but in a different way, cannot explain it, but it works so who cares.  In general I feel much better and handle stress with fewer periods of low energy in comparison to the past.

Working out in the past was something that I would do occasionally because I knew it was good for me, but now I look forward to the 40 minutes since I know it is challenging and productive.  I am up 10 lbs of muscle and down 20 lbs of fat give or take a pound or two after 24 weeks.  This far exceeded my expectations Scott.  The superset structures are great, like you instruct- I get stronger every week and if ever permitted by a judge I will physically run over plaintiff council! 

- James T Boston 2/14/09


You always find the time to help me!

Scott I am off to a great start with your programs.  After 2 months working with you I have made more progress improving my physique than the last couple of years and that is not due to a lack of trying before working with you.  I actually invested more time in the gym prior to working with you than I am now which is amazing to me.  The workouts are awesome and involve techniques I never would have thought of on my own to keep progress going.  It is a great feeling to have the program in hand when going to the gym knowing that when I put in my full effort that results will be earned.  No more worrying about what to do, I just do it! You asked for body comp numbers- I went from 18% to 13.5% in 2 months and I am up 6 lbs of Muscle.

I have really enjoyed talking to you by phone as a part of the consult as giving you my feedback and asking questions that way has been very efficient.  ON a side note I never expected to have such a big increase in energy and mental clarity.  I can tell the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis during the day has a lot to do with it, as if I do not take them I do not feel as good, will not let that happen again!  As you know this is office party season and the fare share of cakes, cookies, brownies and other temping items have crossed by desk, but I have passed up on all of them.  Compared to the past I just do not feel like I need/want them.  One of your other clients told me the Alpha Omega helps in this area and I trust her experience based on her success.  Keep up the good work and thanks for always making the time to help. 

- Michael L Nashville.  12/06/2009


Busting through my shirt Like the HULK

Well Scott I have a story for you, as you know I have been high motivated to gain muscle in my upper body since starting with you Jan 1, things are going very well.  I noticed some of my work shirts fitting tighter.  I had an early morning meeting at work following my am workout and while reaching for something the back of my shirt split.  I reached back to see what happened and my arm sleeve burst.  It was if I was the incredible hulk.  No one said a word and the meeting went on as normal with some laughter here and there, but my assistant pulled me aside and asked me if I was using steroids since I was growing so fast and that was a great complement.  Following the meeting I went into my office and tore the shirt off like I was the hulk.  This was a very satisfying moment and hopefully no one was taping me through the window or this will circulate on the internet!  I threw on a t shirt and finished the work day.

I have been training since I was 15 and I am now 45, never did I think it was possible to gain this much muscle without getting fat in such a short period.  You speak the truth, I hit the programs hard- in and out- get stronger each week and feed the machine with good food.  No tedious measuring or bad tasting stuff.  The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are great, I take them around training and my soreness is gone within 12 hours typically, in the past it was 36-48. Since taking the alpha omega I swear that my abs are more defined and my hair is thicker!!  I take the MR and MS between meals during a lot of my meetings.  I caught some guys in the office stealing them so I had to chase them around the office to get them back. 

- Michael Tampa 3/21/09


Getting Lean and adding Muscle at age 55

"Scott Just a quick note, at age 55 these things should not be happening.  I have experienced great gains in lean muscle mass, strength, endurance and the rate at which I recover from exercise.  My upper body especially has made a great transformation which has been a trouble area in the past in comparison to my legs.  I credit Scott’s detailed programs and supplements. Even in a phase focusing on gaining muscle I am staying very lean and feeling great.  I have been working with Scott for about a year now and before this time I really struggled to earn significant results.  During the summer I was down to 5-6% body fat which should be impossible for someone my age.   I cannot say enough good things about the training programs, supplements and diet. "

- Ray C White Plains NY 2/6/2008


Over the last 2 months I have been extremely good with both diet and training thanks to your programs and support.  I had a few bad days, but that was it and I have a lot to show for.   This was by far the most productive 2 months I have ever had which is no small statement since I have been trying to improve my physique over the last 10 years.  I went from 14% body fat to 10% while improving my lean muscle mass and definition.  This goal had eluded me for at least 5 years and I am at the lowest body fat% of my life at age 36- Thanks Scott! 

 -Jim T Wyoming 

“This is the best investment  I ever made Scott- you have built me a clear path to success.  All I have to do is follow the program which fits very well to my schedule etc.  I never thought everything could be so easy which is why I put things off for months before discovering your service from a friend.  In 12 weeks I averaged a 2 lb loss of fat per week and I am more muscular than ever.  Cannot wait for the next 12 weeks."  Thanks

- Dwight W.  Key West FL



Finally The Solution for a determined Woman!

 Your routines are a breath of fresh air Scott.  I have never been reluctant to work hard and I am so sick of the excuses I hear from other women in the gym.  Their trainers make me sick with all of the nonsense they feed their clients.  For 3 years I let myself be manipulated by a trainer who put me through all kinds of stupid routines he must have plucked from magazines and they results were poor.  Finally I took some advice from a friend a signed up with you.  We got down to basics and it has worked.  I lost 4% body fat in two months and I am on the road to reaching some goals were set several years and dollars ago. I finally go to gym thinking I am one step closer with every session and I thank you for that. 

- Susie T  Springfield IL  12/13/08


Hot Gal in the office

Scott I am pretty stubborn, it is actually a good quality for my profession.  After years of trying several diet and training routines I did not get very far.  I am glad I found you!  I no longer invest a single second in worrying about what I should be doing or why.  After 12 weeks you helped me make more progress than the entire last year on my own so I am sold on what you can do.  Everything from the training, cardio, supplements all have worked perfectly.  I finally got the body fat test and in 12 weeks I went from 19% to 14% body fat.  The changes are really dramatic, everyone notices and during the holidays relatives nearly fainted as I was always the pudgy kid.  Those days are over as I now I like being the Hot Gal in the office. 

- Shari M   Nashville TN  1/02/09


Service Unbeatable

Your service is worth every penny.  Your dedication is something to be admired, I think your email is built into your brain as you always respond to me very quickly.  The programs are always very clear and help me to get down to work.  Your ability to adjust on the fly is also great.  Recently you built a routine that I was able to do while traveling for a couple weeks on short notice.  I would have been lucky to get a response within a week from others I have worked with, you got back to me with the routine the same day! 

- Mike H Orlando FL 11/29/08


The best 4'th of July I ever Imagined

Scott- This is the best I have ever looked on July 4, at a family reunion of over 75 people all in attendance were shocked by the transformation you have helped me make.  A year ago at the same event I was fat and sluggish at 34% body fat.  Now I am 14% with 14 lbs more muscle.  I am not ripped by any means, but I am well on my way- Look out for Labor Day.  Beyond the appearance stuff I feel 100% better, your nutrition and training programs have increased my energy!  Work and other daily task are much easier now as I am able to focus and not constantly crashing like the old days. 

- Burt  F Houston 7/5/08



30 minute workouts for Fast Results

"Scott I never imagined 30 minutes of training could be so productive!  I train during my lunch break every day at work and based on my schedule that half hour is all I have to spare and man did you make the most of it with what we have available at my office gym. The time was carved out of my schedule by brining lunch to work so I did not have to waste time driving to eat out. I am 100% certain that I am getting more done in those 30 minutes than what I used to do in 90 back a couple years ago and yes now I am looking much better than ever with less body fat (22 lbs to be exact so far), more muscle (8 lbs of muscle) and more energy which I did not expect.  My work sucks sometimes- I really do not enjoy my profession at times so the mid day workout is my time to blow off some steam and energize for the afternoon.  The exercise sessions make the days feel so much shorter.

Every day in my office lousy junk food is around as I have many overweight co workers who eat non stop.  Many want me to be more like them and eat those things and I refuse.  They see me drinking MR and taking Muscle Synthesis and they acted like I was from another planet until I dropped 25 lbs of lard.  Now they all want to work out with me and ask questions.  I wanted to share this experience because for a year I did nothing in terms of training because I had endless excuses and I am kicking myself for not staring sooner.  I wasted a year by feeling sorry for myself and having no energy.  That is NOT going to happen again especially since you are there Scott to give me the plan, I just go with it man." 

- Thomas C- Colorado Springs  1/14/08


I only wish I could have started sooner!

As you know Scott I waited around and wasted an entire year before signing up for your program thinking I could figure things out on my own.  Well that did not work and I am kicking myself for not starting up with you sooner.   You are crazy for charging as little as you do, considering the time you take to answer my emails and build the programs.  Over the last 24 weeks I have dropped several dress sizes and caliper body fat tests went from 29% to 18% and I never thought I would say this but I am about as lean as I want to get.  Thanks for all of your hard work, you make it all so easy! 

- Wanda M  Virginia Beach 6/22/08

Getting on Track was Never So Easy

I arrived a mess when I contacted you 3 months ago Scott and your consistent efforts to help me have been very uplifting to say the least.  I am proud to report I am down 15 lbs so far and my strength is through the roof.  I can actually see my muscles again. Energy is moving up and I feel good about going into the Holiday Season without screwing up my progress like before. I have worked so hard and am confident in your plans- no reason to pig out for an entire month.  Still work to do, but I am ready to reach my goals in 2008. 

- Barry 11/10/07  Orlando FL



It is all about the Details

The level of customization involved in your training programs is amazing.  I never thought I would be able to train hard again considering my shoulder problems.  Your programs have balanced me out and I am training pain free which really helps when you are trying to improve lean muscle mass and drop fat which I did at a faster pace than I ever imagined.  Over 24 weeks I went from 16% to 8% while gaining 10 lbs of rock hard muscle.  Scott I am looking forward to the next phase of training, you have helped to make training fun again. 

- Thanks Mitch L  KC MO  8/22/07


Breaking 10% Body Fat

Scott I wanted to thank you for all of your help so far.  The results have been fantastic and I have finally reached goals set 3 years ago which included getting to a single digit body fat.  The failure to get to 9 percent was not due to a lack of effort, I have worked with a few trainers who charged me much more than you and did not deliver the results.   



Results Results Results

“I was initially very skeptical of some nutrition changes Scott made to my nutrition plan periodically, but I could not argue with the results.  It was easy to follow and I was never hungry- my net loss was 6% body fat(-8.5 lbs of fat) in 2 months which made me extremely lean!“

- Jennifer M- Yuma AZ 9/25/07


The best investment I have ever made!

"Scott your 12 week consult was the best fitness investment I have ever made and I plan to continue working with you as long as I live.  My transformation has been great, people do not even recognize me and that is a good thing.  My energy is great and I have a new outlook on life!"  thanks

- Bill M Tennessee 7/24/06





Scott's personalized training and nutrition strategies are top notch!
I competed at my heaviest and most muscular weight of 175lbs with only 3% body fat."

- Tom F 7/11/07


35 lbs of Body Fat Lost the Easy Way!

35 pounds of fat lost, significant muscle increases in the areas I asked you to target, lower cholesterol and more energy, all from a program that doesn't feel like I'm on a program at all. Very impressive

I wanted to say thank you for constructing an ongoing training and nutrition plan that has so easily integrated into my lifestyle. The results have been beyond my expectations and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the future.

Transitioning from 11 years of competitive bodybuilding & personal training into the long hours and high pressure of Medical device sales left me far from my previous condition. I had maintained my heavy weight workouts, but the food and cardio had slipped considerably. My belief had always been that with my ridiculous travel schedule, eating properly was impossible and the hours of cardio required to stay in shape would just not fit in.

Your program gave me a meal plan that easily fits anywhere you might be and proof that high intensity weight training & cardio could yield more muscle gains with more fat loss in less time. On top of that, the amino loading with Alpha Omega has left me with more energy, no afternoon slump, less fat and much better results from the gym than any other supplement program I've tried in the past - not to mention the ease of use during travel compared to typical protein powders.

- Derek L 8/29/2011



Testimonials speak for themselves!

Leave nothing to chance!
Hiring me to design your comprehensive fitness plan for you ensure your efforts will not go to waste.
You will never be able to recover lost time. Furthermore we all want results ASAP. Do not risk losing time. Invest in me and I will invest in your fitness future

Time for Action. Together we can reach your goals.




12 week Integrated Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan $199.99
Purchase HERE-
Internet only. 
Small Investment- Huge Return! 

Platinum Consultation-Internet and Phone consulting package
2 individual phone conferences per month
Advanced programming and technical support directly with Scott
add $100 (Platinum Consultation)

  • Customized Plans for your Individual Needs and Goals

  • Detailed Training/Nutrition Plans emailed to you

  • Weekly Information Collection and Refinements

  • Digital Videos To instruct all Exercises

  • Full Time Technical Support by Email

  • Success Calendars, Goal Sheets & Organizational Tools

See Scott in Action Explaining Training Program BASICS and the BEST DAYS to train

Consultation FAQ

So How do we get started? Purchase the Consult and Scott will     contact   you by email with an elaborate question sheet. The information   collection process will continue until all of the needed     information is communicated. Customized programs will be built for the  needs of the client in a timely manner and sent by email. Scott will  follow up with the client to answer questions and make sure that the programs are properly implemented . Each week an update form is sent to clients to collect important data and feedback to support program refinements. Programs must evolve to meet the specific needs of the client on a regular basis. Clients are presented with several options and are not forced to to anything that makes them uncomfortable in any way.

I am not going to promise you the Earth, Moon and Stars, but they are out there for you to grab. My responsibility is to give you the tools you need to succeed, but you must apply yourself! Never surrender! I am so confident in my ability to help you that  I will provide an additional free 12 week program if we do not reach your predefined goals.

Contact me (Scott) in regards to any questions about the consultation services. You have nothing lose by sending me an email and everything to gain!

We all get lost in the numbers in this crazy world. So many things have been adapted to the masses in an effort to keep up with the fast paced life most of us have adopted. A one-size fit all approach is unlikely to work from a fitness perspective. We are all individuals with various needs that must be properly addressed to ensure long-term success.

The fitness media provides vast amounts of information on many related topics, but it can be overwhelming at times even to the most experienced people. Putting everything together in the right way is a challenge. Experts such as myself spend a great deal of time sorting the massive amounts of information in an effort to find what really works and whom it specifically works for. I guarantee you a training/nutrition plan in a popular bodybuilding magazine will not work for 90% of the readers, while the generalized plan is not likely to be optimal for the ten percent who "can" use the plan.

There is a best way to train, eat, supplement, live etc for individuals. Many methods are available for many types of people with different goals. The Key is to find what works for YOU! A search for the fitness Holy Grail will not have to be a difficult trip if the proper guidance is available. On your own you may never find the answers you seek. Experienced people can help you discover the right plan much faster than if you were on your own.

While information is available on a wide variety of fitness topics, integrated plans are hard to come by. Why because they are difficult to create!

I can build a customized plan for you from the ground up. Your individual attributes and needs will be a primary consideration at every decision point. Information provided to me by the client such as old meal plans, training records, prior injuries etc enable me to craft the right plan. From the start I want to know what has worked and what has not in the past. In all cases I can identify significant issues based on information given to me by the client

In many cases you can be doing most things right, but still fail to reach your goals. I commonly observe situations in which a person is eating appropriately and training correctly, but not getting desired results. The first place I look is lifestyle and usually I find the red flag very quickly. Many people encounter too much stress, do not get adequate rest, abuse drugs and alcohol etc, crippling themselves.

Lifestyle topics are a common area of error that very few experts understand. In some cases lifestyle issues cannot be so easily resolved. I would never tell a successful stockbroker who encounters tremendous stress in pursuit of his livelihood to quit his job. He may want to consider relaxation techniques or other methods for reducing stress, but it is my job to accommodate him as the consultant. There are certain nutrition, training, supplementation and lifestyle protocols, which will enable the highly stressed stockbroker to achieve their fitness goals. They must use a special approach based on their needs. Luckily for broker I know exactly what to do!


Consultation Procedures

A question list will be sent to you by email after you sign up for the consultation through the online store or over the phone. Follow up questions from Scott will be sent based on information collected during initial information exchanges. Training and nutrition programs will be produced in a timely manner and sent by email or fax to the client. Scott will be available for technical support questions and program implementation help through email 7 days per week. Answers will be sent in a timely fashion to help the client in any way possible. The client will be required to send a bi monthly consult update form to Scott via email containing requested information. This data will be used to modify training and nutrition programs.

Disclaimer and Consultation Ground Rules

1.This consultation is not medical advice! Do not rely on any information transmitted through this consult as medical advice. Seek professional help from a qualified physician. This information is for educational purposes only.
2. Due to the extensive time invested in program design and information review, there will be no refunds of any kind.
3. Client plans will be modified often based on feedback, at minimum the training routine will change every 4-6 weeks. These programs are not for sale to minors.  Program purchases for a minor must be approved and executed by a parent or guardian of the minor.  There are absolutely no refunds or cancellations for consultation programs.  All Sales Final
Platinum Consultation Clients are responsible for scheduling calls with Scott.  Failure to schedule or execute calls will not result in a refund or credit of any kind.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  SST™, Superior Supplements and Training™, 100% MR®, Muscle Synthesis™, Muscle Synthesis Powder™, KISS Rapid Fat Loss Plan™ , Alpha Omega M 3™, Amino Loading™, Fat Reduce FBO5®, Zero Tolerance Fat Loss Plan™,Infinity Fitness® and DigestA+Lean Protein® are Trademarks of Superior Supplements and Training LLC, OHIO USA.  Your results may vary and depend on many factors.  No Endorsements of any product or training system is intended, expressed or implied, by any athlete who may be pictured in illustration of this Article.  Copyright © Infinity Fitness & Training Inc, OHIO USA 1999-2015, All Rights Reserved.

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